AXIS PRO® PrivaSure™ Breach Response

AXIS PRO® PrivaSure™ Breach Response is designed to protect an enterprise from the costs of lawsuits and other expenses resulting from a breach of data security.

Maintaining security of private information is critical, whether a business keeps healthcare records, confidential employee data, financial information, or confidential client information. A breach of data security can be detrimental in terms of costs to comply with state notification requirements, to remediate damage to the company’s reputation, and to defend regulatory actions and liability claims.

PrivaSure™ Breach Response can help protect any business that stores, maintains or controls personal information. It connects insureds directly with resources to respond to breach events and manage the burden of state and federal regulatory requirements. Coverage includes data breach forensics, breach notification, credit monitoring, and identity restoration services from Kroll Advisory Solutions, the world’s leading risk consulting company.

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Coverage Highlights

  • Breach Response Services including forensic, notification, credit monitoring and identity restoration services, and the cost of legal and public relations services
  • Regulatory action defense including fines and penalties
  • Consumer Redress Fund Deposits
  • Computer system extortion expense and loss
  • Innocent insured coverage
  • Punitive damages coverage (where allowed by law)
  • A favorable consent to settle clause giving insured more control over settlement

Defense and Indemnity for Liabilities Arising From:

  • Accidental release, unauthorized disclosure, theft or loss of protected personal information by the insured or service contractor
  • Transmitting or receiving malicious code via the insured’s computer system
  • Denial of service attacks or the inability to access web sites or computer systems
  • Actions of independent contractors and those processing data on the insured’s behalf

Optional Coverages

  • Business Interruption Loss and Data Restoration Expense
  • Triple Bureau Credit Monitoring Services
  • Web site media liability coverage

The Power of Kroll Support

AXIS PRO® PrivaSure™ Breach Response offers breach response services provided by Kroll, the world’s leading risk consulting company for rapid response to help mitigate loss resulting from a breach event and to manage the burden of state and federal regulatory requirements.

Coverage Includes:

  • Data Breach Forensics: Kroll offers cutting-edge computer forensic services. Kroll investigators collect and analyze electronically stored information that shows whether, when and how an incident occurred.
  • Breach Notification: This service provides for the preparation and distribution of text compliant with applicable state and federal statutes and regulations providing details of the breach event and guidelines. A toll-free phone number staffed by an experienced Kroll team is provided to address questions about available services as well as general questions about identity theft.
  • Credit Monitoring: Access to single bureau credit monitoring will be provided when ordered by the notified individual. Coverage for Triple Bureau Continuous Credit Monitoring is available as an endorsement.
  • Identity Restoration Services: Kroll will submit a synopsis of all issues to confirmed victims of identity theft or to those for whom the likelihood of becoming a victim of identity theft is imminent. Kroll’s Licensed Investigators will perform the bulk of the restoration work that is required to restore the victim’s identity to pre-theft status.

Kroll Online Support:

  • A risk assessment tool for identifying areas that may put your organization at risk for data breach.
  • An employee training program delivered via hyperlink for best practice instruction for handling sensitive information and the safeguards that must be used to minimize the risk of a data breach.
  • Red Flags Rule training delivered electronically.
  • A customizable Red Flags Rule program guide.
  • A Kroll client manager who will communicate with you on a regular basis. Kroll is committed to providing direct support and direct access when you need it most—this is what makes Kroll different and is a key value point for the breach preparedness.

AXIS PRO provides a fixed preferential rate for Kroll services as described herein. Preferred rates apply within the retention and above the policy limits. For qualified AXIS applicants, the sub-limits of liability for Breach Response Services (Notification, Credit Monitoring and Identity Restoration) can be purchased outside the policy limits for additional premium.

This web page is for descriptive purposes only and does not provide a complete summary of coverage. Consult the applicable insurance policy for specific terms, conditions, limits, limitations and exclusions to coverage. Coverage may not be available in all states and jurisdictions. Coverage is underwritten by a member company of the AXIS group of insurance companies.