Property Pro Rata and Per Risk

Property Pro Rata Treaty Reinsurance

Property pro rata treaty reinsurance covers a cedant’s aggregate losses from all events rather than losses from particular risks. Most of our pro rata treaty reinsurance contracts have occurrence limits. Property pro rata treaty reinsurance may contain significant risk of accumulation of exposures, both to natural and other perils. Our underwriting process explicitly recognizes these exposures. Natural perils, such as hurricane and windstorm, earthquake and flood, are analyzed through our catastrophe modeling systems. Other perils, such as fire and terrorism events, are considered based on historic loss and loss expense ratios experienced by cedants and monitored for cumulative aggregate exposure.

Property Per Risk Treaty Reinsurance

Our property per risk treaty reinsurance business reinsures a portfolio of particular property risks of ceding companies on a treaty basis. For example, we could provide reinsurance to cover a cedant’s losses for damage to commercial property under individual policies. This business is comprised of a highly diversified portfolio of reinsurance contracts covering claims from individual insurance policies issued by our ceding company clients and including both personal lines and commercial property risks (principally covering buildings, structures, equipment and contents). Loss exposure in this business includes the perils of fire, explosion, collapse, riot, vandalism, hurricane and windstorm, tornado, flood and earthquake. This business is written on an excess of loss basis. Our property per risk treaty reinsurance agreements generally have occurrence limits.

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