At AXIS, we are proactive in the management of our claims and strive to perform our duties to the highest standards of integrity and good faith. The professional manner in which we handle each claim is a consistent theme within all our diverse product lines.

Our team of claims professionals has been hand picked from selected areas of the insurance and reinsurance industry based on their qualifications, experience and reputation. The structure of the group, and its common platform for communication, allow our strength and depth of experience to be utilized very effectively. Additionally, we optimize our claims operations with state of the art technology. This allows the team to exert influence in every claim handled, regardless of whether AXIS is in a lead position or not.

Unlike many other insurance/reinsurance companies, there are no barriers to communication at AXIS. Our claims personnel are in constant contact with our underwriters, actuaries and senior management. Experience has shown that by acting in concert, we are frequently able to provide our clients with innovative solutions to complex problems.

​If you have any questions or want to know more about AXIS claims service, please refer to the business areas below.​