Credit & Surety

Since 2003, Credit & Surety reinsurance has been an essential business line to AXIS Re. We are a leading member of the Trade Credit and Surety reinsurance community. Our professionals have primary and reinsurance experience in credit and surety and related products through several credit cycles.

AXIS Re Europe offers pro rata and excess of loss solutions for all traditional Trade Credit and Surety classes mainly emanating from Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Africa. We aim to offer capacity and expertise to specialized Trade Credit & Surety insurance companies and multiline-companies with dedicated staff. Underwriting is performed centrally out of Zurich. Brazilian business activities are supported by a Senior Marketing industry representative located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

AXIS Re U.S. focuses on Contract and Commercial Surety reinsurance in the U.S. and Canada. Target clients are the national, regional and specialty underwriters. We predominantly write excess of loss structures and will entertain quota share structures containing short duration risks or other mitigating features such as loss ratio or premium caps.

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AXIS Re Europe Contact

  • Uwe Remy
  • Executive Vice President
  • Global Product Line Leader, Credit & Surety
  • Office: +41-44-567-0179
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AXIS Re U.S. Contacts

  • Jeffrey Ryan
  • Senior Vice President
  • Office: +1 212-500-7676
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  • Mark Stubbs
  • Are, AFSB
  • Senior Vice President
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