What type of ceding company is it good for?

  • Canada domestic insurance companies, including incidental foreign operations of Canada domiciled companies
  • Canada regional/mutual and specialty companies
  • Large global carriers
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The AXIS property reinsurance team provides coverage for a broad spectrum of property risks worldwide, focusing on physical damage and time element exposures, including personal lines, light-to-heavier commercial risks and industrial portfolios. 

We seek to develop a deep understanding of cedents' businesses through detailed statistical analyses, including catastrophic aggregate exposures where appropriate. Product design and capacity-sources form the core of our property reinsurance offering. We work with traditional capital and new investors to source capacity, creating flexibly structured products tailored to meet each cedents requirements. 

AXIS Property Reinsurance provides coverages for property casualty excess of loss, reinsuring catastrophic perils for ceding companies on a treaty basis. The principal perils in our portfolio include hurricane and windstorm, earthquake, flood, tornado, hail and fire. Coverage for other perils may be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

We also offer property pro rata reinsurance on a treaty basis, covering a cedent's aggregate losses from all events rather than losses from particular risks. Natural perils, such as hurricane and windstorm, earthquake and flood, are analyzed through our catastrophe modeling systems. Other perils, such as fire and terrorism events, are considered based on historic loss and loss expense ratios experienced by cedents and monitored for cumulative aggregate exposure.

Our property per risk treaty reinsurance is written on an excess of loss basis, generally with occurrence limits. 

AXIS reinsurance specialists work closely with our underwriting team to gain a thorough understanding of each cedent's business. This allows them to be highly responsive in the event a claim is reported, as they seek to provide efficient and fair resolution.


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Close Collaboration

Between Claims, Underwriting & Distribution Partners

AXIS claims specialists collaborate closely with brokers and cedents to process claims efficiently and resolve them with minimal business disruption. Through periodic claims reviews, we are able to surface valuable recommendations. And by virtue of our years of experience and specialty knowledge, we have the ability to offer specific advice on the general and legal framework of local markets around the world.

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