What type of business is it good for?

  • Traditional media companies
  • Digital media companies
  • Non-media companies engaged in media activities
  • Film and television production companies
61 Broad underwriting appetite
/images/default-source/icons/svg/business-people.svg?sfvrsn=87e9b9ed_7 Highly experienced underwriting and legal teams
/images/default-source/icons/svg/global.svg?sfvrsn=bfa23711_4 Wide licensing via either company or Lloyd's syndicate platform
The second a media company sets out to acquire or create content, there's a liability risk. These risks grow as companies produce, distribute or otherwise disseminate their work. Moreover, these risks continue to evolve as the media landscape changes—whether from the invention of a new distribution platform or a shift in the regulatory environment. AXIS Media and Entertainment Liability Insurance is designed to help address the ever-changing needs of traditional media companies and non-traditional digital media companies. We also offer protection to companies that may not be in the media business, but that may be involved in the production and dissemination of media, including advertisers. Specialized optional coverages are available to cover the needs of publishers, advertising agencies and more. Policies are written to protect against the wide range of exposures. Should a claim arise, AXIS has the global resources to swiftly move to a satisfactory resolution.
  • Lloyd's of London capacity available
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Coverage on a "claims made" or "occurrence" basis
  • Policy periods up to 60 months
  • Technology liability
  • First-party cyber extensions:
    • Data breach notification, credit monitoring, public relations and forensics expenses
    • Computer system extortion expenses and loss
    • Regulatory action defense costs
    • Business interruption loss
    • Data recovery expenses
  • Book publishers
  • Magazine publishers
  • Newspaper publishers
  • Multimedia companies
  • Film and TV producers and distributors
  • Music publishers liability


  • TV and radio broadcasters
  • Advertising agencies (full service, digital or other)
  • Marketing and public relations firms
  • Printers
  • Data analytics services
  • Advertisers


AXIS claims specialists have a great deal of resources and the experience to coordinate them, including in-house claims attorneys plus a roster of leading intellectual property and First Amendment law firms. 

Clients can rest assured that when a media entertainment liability claim is filed AXIS focuses on:
  • Quick decision making
  • Championing your needs
  • An honest approach
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