What type of business is it good for?

  • Multinational banks and financial services companies
  • Hospitality, telecommunications/media and real estate
  • Large infrastructure, mining or manufacturing facilities
Honor Extensive lead underwriting experience
/images/default-source/icons/svg/relationship.svg?sfvrsn=b874f016_4 Strong, long-term broker and client relationships
/images/default-source/icons/svg/global.svg?sfvrsn=bfa23711_4 Worldwide programs
With global instability on the rise, threats from terrorism and political violence are increasing in both magnitude and complexity. As a result, these risks are often excluded or under-insured in standard property, business interruption and liability coverage. That's where AXIS Terrorism & Political Violence Insurance fills an important gap. AXIS has the expertise and capacity to navigate this highly specialized line of business; we even offer hard-to-obtain protection against nuclear, biological chemical and radiation risks. With in-house capacity of up to $150 million per insured client, the AXIS terrorism and political violence insurance team develops uniquely flexible coverages for large-scale— sometimes high-profile—facilities and projects. The goal is to make sure clients have the protection they need now, as well as the ability to adapt their coverage as threats evolve with changing geopolitical and social landscapes.


Clients can rest assured that when a terrorism and political violence claim is filed AXIS focuses on:
  • Quick decision making
  • Championing your needs
  • An honest approach
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