What type of ceding company is it good for?

  • Government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs)
  • Private mortgage insurers
moneyHouse Ability to support mortgage credit on a global basis
/images/default-source/icons/svg/llyodslbox.svg?sfvrsn=4ddf77bb_4 Access to the Lloyd’s marketplace through our Syndicate 1686
/images/default-source/icons/svg/104.svg?sfvrsn=7d0133a0_0 Capability to support various structure types on a quota share and excess of loss basis
In the post 2008 financial crisis environment, GSE credit risk transfer (CRT) issuance is expanding, and with it, the demand for highly rated counterparties. We have witnessed an increase in new, innovative mortgage reinsurance solutions—in particular, growth in demand from the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as well as CRT transactions, carried out through Freddie Mac's ACIS and Fannie Mae's CIRT structures.

We are also active participants in the U.S. private mortgage insurance space and support various structure types on a quota share and excess of loss basis.  AXIS Re has resources around the world and will participate globally.  

The focus of AXIS Re's mortgage team is on the U.S. mortgage market, although opportunities in other regions will be considered on an opportunistic basis. And, as a participant in the Lloyd's market, we offer our cedents the assurance that we are a top-rated, global reinsurer.


AXIS Mortgage Reinsurance Appetite Guide

Experienced and efficient claims management


Close Collaboration

Between Claims, Underwriting & Distribution Partners

We employ a collaborative approach to mortgage reinsurance claims management at AXIS Re. By working closely with our underwriting teams, we develop a deep understanding of each cedent's entire mortgage portfolio. In addition, periodic claims reviews provide brokers and cedents with valuable recommendations. By virtue of our years of experience and specialty knowledge, we are able to offer specific advice on the general and legal framework of local markets around the world.

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