London Market Aviation

We have been a key market for aviation and aviation war insurance since our inception in 2001.

Specializing in airline, aerospace and general aviation business, our underwriters are recognized in the industry for their knowledge, skill and dedication. We have a level of expertise that enables us to thoroughly understand and underwrite even the most complicated risks.

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Terence Wood

Executive Vice President


  • Aviation “All Risks” Capacity up to 7.5% of values
  • Aerospace Capacity of up to $75m of values
  • Aviation War Risk Capacity up to 20% of values
  • Aviation War Liability Capacity up to 30% of values
  • Airline & General Aviation “All Risks” – Aviation Hull & Spares coverage as well as Aircraft Liability  for claims involving passengers and third parties, including Primary Sub-Limit for AV52 War Liability
  • Aerospace Liability – Third Party Legal Liability Coverage arising from Insured Aviation Operations
  • Aviation War Risks – Covers Aviation Hulls against War Perils
  • Aviation War Liability – Coverage for third-party Liability arising from War Perils; typically written on a stand-alone basis in excess of the coverage provided within the main “All Risks” Policy
  • Contingent Coverage
  • Excess Coverage
Target Classes
  • Aerospace and General Aviation
  • Aviation War Liability 
  • Contingent Coverage for Banks & Lessors and Finance Houses
Coverage is underwritten by a member company of the AXIS group of insurance companies. Coverage may not be available in all states and jurisdictions.