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Staying up-to-date with the trends and changes in the industry can help you reduce the risk in your practice. AXIS  has worked with to procure a 20% discount on their regular prices for continuing education. You must enter via the AXIS Portal (click the link below) to get the discount. Questions about how to purchase Continuing Education courses or obtain a certificate should be directed to the “Chat Now” function or the 1-877 telephone number on the site.

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Webinars on Timely Topics

You have a busy day with lots of deadlines and clients. AXIS makes it simple to get the continuing education you need through free live webinars – or the recordings listed below. If you view the webinar through the link below, you will need to self-certify for continuing educational purposes.

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Reaping the Benefits of Technology: New Risks, New Rewards
Presented by Jorge Cruz, P.E. J.D., Partner: Daniels∙Rodriguez∙Berkeley∙Daniels∙Cruz

Where Do I Start? A Guide for the New Project Manager
Presented by Gail S. Kelley P.E., Esq., LEED AP, ConstructionRisk, LLC

I'm OK, Are They OK? Managing Prime and Sub Risk
Presented by Gail S. Kelley P.E., Esq., LEED AP, ConstructionRisk, LLC

Construction Phase Design Professional Risks
Presented by J. Kent Holland, J.D. and Suzanne H. Harness, J.D., AIA of

Managing the Risk of Design Errors
Presented by Kent Holland, J.D. and Suzanne H. Harness, J.D., AIA of ConstructionRisk,LLC

Design Professional Litigation: 2015 Year in Review
Presented by Kent Holland, J.D. ConstructionRisk,LLC

You Signed What? That's Not Insurable!
Presented by Charles Heuer, FAIA, Esq., The Heuer Law Group


Free Contract Review Service

Much of your liability flows from what you promise in your contracts. We encourage you to work with your own legal counsel to negotiate and craft a reasonable contract for each project. If you encounter unusual insurance provisions or have a question about the insurability of a paragraph or page, we can review it and give you comments in 48 hours or less. We encourage you to send the whole contract with your contact information, policy number, and your questions clearly marked on the document.

The contract can be submitted to [email protected]. Be sure to copy your broker on the message.


Design Professionals Pre-claims Assistance

Our Design Professionals and Contractors standard policies have a provision for pre-claims assistance. If you are involved in a "Circumstance" that may lead to a claim, you should tell your broker and report the "Circumstance" to AXIS and the coverage on the policy under which you reported it will apply to any "Claim" that arises out of that incident. Our claims staff is empowered to provide you with advice and can even hire an expert witness or attorney, on our dime, if we deem it will strengthen your future defense.

Report your "Circumstance" to us at [email protected]. It is monitored during normal East Coast business hours. Be sure to note you are asking for pre-claims assistance and remember to copy your insurance broker.


Breach Coach and other Recovery Vendors

You're worried about someone hacking your website – you need it up and running 24/7. Maintaining the security of personal private information is critical. Those of you that purchase Enterprise Security and Privacy Regulation coverage from us have immediate access to vendors who can help you minimize the damage if you are involved in this complex and challenging situation. If you have this coverage, notify your broker and report the event according to the terms of the coverage on your policy. The link below will take you to a list of AXIS Insurance vendor partners who are pre-approved to provide breach related services to you (subject to the terms and conditions of your specific policy).

Breach Vendors


Risk Management Library

Coming soon.


AXIS wants you to be knowledgeable about the risks in your practice and how to manage them but does not dictate how you contract for or deliver your services.

The advice given by this program is for your consideration and is not mandatory. Different projects, clients, project delivery, geographies, people and disciplines may impact your decision to implement the loss prevention and mitigation measures discussed in articles and programs listed on this page.

We are not providing legal advice. Please contact your local attorney and broker to discuss proposed new procedures before you change how you contract for services or manage your practice.

Coverages and services noted on this page are subject to the terms of your policy and program.

This web page is for descriptive purposes only and does not provide a complete summary of coverage. Consult the applicable insurance policy for specific terms, conditions, limits, limitations and exclusions to coverage. Coverage may not be available in all states and jurisdictions. Coverage is underwritten by a member company of the AXIS group of insurance companies.