Students and School Sports Programs

We offer tailored Accident Medical Expense (AME) insurance coverage solutions help to protect public, private and faith-based pre-K-12 schools, colleges and universities.

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Coverage Includes

For treatment of a covered injury, the AME plan will cover 100% of all usual and customary charges that the insured person incurs for many inpatient and outpatient services. These benefits are paid in excess of amounts paid under any other health care plan, no medical underwriting is required.

The AME plan offers a choice of benefit period for 52 or 104 weeks and several deductible options. This plan is available for the following:

  • Pre-K-12 non-sport programs – Protection for students, facility and staff for non-sport related injuries
  • Pre-K-12 sports programs – Protection for students, faculty, staff, volunteers, managers and coaches. Coverage can be expanded to include tackle football, ice hockey, lacrosse, rodeo, rugby, skiing and snowboarding.
  • Intercollegiate sports programs – Expanded protection for athletic directors, coaches, trainers, cheerleaders, key participants, as well as prospective students and their chaperones
US insurance coverage is underwritten by AXIS Insurance Company. Coverage is subject to exclusions and limitations, and may not be available in all US states and jurisdictions. Product availability and plan design features, including eligibility requirements, descriptions of benefits, exclusions or limitations may vary depending on local country or US state laws.

This insurance provides limited benefits.  Limited benefits plans are insurance products with reduced benefits and are not intended to be an alternative to or integrated with comprehensive coverage.  Further, this insurance does not coordinate with any other insurance plan.   It does not provide major medical or comprehensive medical coverage and is not designed to replace major medical insurance. Further, this insurance is not minimum essential benefits as set forth under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.