Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

We offer protection for regional, super-regional, specialty, and program writers engaged in the workers’ compensation segment on both single and multi-state portfolios. Coverage is afforded on both an excess of loss and quota share basis for traditional as well as alternative risk vehicles.

Catastrophe Exposed Workers’ Compensation

We offer workers’ compensation protection for businesses, and businesses exposed to catastrophe risks on an excess of loss basis in North America. We focus on business that is exposed to severity losses and not expected to produce high levels of claims frequency.

Person exposed catastrophe business requires multiple deaths or injuries to result in a loss. The treaties include limits on the maximum amount of coverage for any one person and our attachment points are multiples of the coverage limits. This product line is primarily exposed to natural and man-made catastrophes such as earthquakes and terrorism. We closely monitor the potential for accumulation within our businesses.

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