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“AXIS was able to take this from a lingering dispute to a mutual agreement on all issues within 48 hours.”
- AXIS broker partner

A Business Travel Accident Insurance claim resolved in 4 days


Solution Name

A Business Travel Accident Insurance claim resolved in 4 days. A client and beneficiary satisfied immediately.

AXIS provided a global organization with Business Travel Accident coverage, including an Accidental Death benefit. One of the company’s employees was tragically killed in a large public transporation accident while traveling for business.

Understanding the emotional toll the accident would have on the victim’s family, as well as the financial impact, AXIS began working one-on-one with the broker the same day. We were able to get the six-figure benefit into the hands of the beneficiary’s family just four days later—all without the family members having to determine how to claim benefits or provide documentation.

Our compassionate approach to resolving the claim included sending the benefit express mail to ensure it arrived quickly and securely, which assisted the family greatly with immediate expenses.

Traditionally, accidents of this magnitude have a delay in substantiating loss. But AXIS was able to confirm enough points of positive information to expedite the claim payment.

“At AXIS, with every call we receive, we take a “what if it were you” approach in resolving claims.”

4-day claim turnaround


AXIS coached a company through business interruption


Solution Name

AXIS gets company back in business after a ransomware attack

Operating in the hospitality industry, the weekends were always one of the insured's most profitable periods. Just before the weekend, hackers managed to break into its servers and encrypt valuable data, brining the business to a halt. The insured then received an email threatening to destroy the data unless a ransom was paid.

The business contacted its broker who contacted AXIS. AXIS immediately retained a breach response law firm, experienced in ransomware attacks, a computer forensics specialist with expertise in data restoration and others to help the insured.

With a highly experienced team of experts in place, all worked around the clock for three days to resolve the attack. The computer forensics vendor diligently restored the insured's data so that it could reopen. AXIS also provided a professional public relations firm to help mitigate business reputational problems.

Company back in business in 3 days


Defending an ERISA Class Action


Solution Name

As an excess insurer, AXIS proactively engages in claim resolution process to achieve a pre-litigation settlement.

AXIS provided a corporation, which managed a retirement plan with thousands of participants with an excess fiduciary liability policy.

The corporation was served with a demand from a plaintiffs’ firm, alleging that excessive fees were being charged for certain funds in the plan. The plaintiffs initially demanded tens of millions in damages. AXIS had experience handling similar claims and was familiar with motivations, strategies and tactics. We knew the claim lacked certain hallmarks typically associated with large settlements and believed that the claim should resolve for substantially less.

AXIS proactively engaged in a merits discussion showcasing our ERISA expertise and alleviating the corporation’s concerns about plaintiffs’ high settlement demand. Ultimately, the case was settled pre-litigation, for far less than the plaintiffs originally sought.

Saved the client millions of dollars


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