What type of ceding company is it good for?

  • Regional insurance companies with specialties in marine and offshore energy insurance
  • Multinational carriers and Lloyd's syndicates
  • MGAs looking for marine expertise
shieldPlus Excess of loss, per risk and per occurrence
/images/default-source/icons/svg/recycle.svg?sfvrsn=26dabb2a_4 Proportional reinsurance is available for all lines
/images/default-source/icons/svg/business-people.svg?sfvrsn=87e9b9ed_5 Deep knowledge of market conditions and lines of business
Marine reinsurance is the backbone of world trade. Today, with international trade lanes changing and shipping technologies evolving, insurers need to rely on reinsurance partners with a deep expertise. The AXIS Re Marine team offers brokers and clients years of experience, advanced cat-modeling and actuarial capabilities. 

We provide a market for marine and offshore energy reinsurance by offering proportional and excess of loss treaty structures covering both elemental and non-elemental perils. The AXIS Re Marine team writes business on worldwide, regional and national scopes for specialty marine classes including cargo, hull, marine liability, inland marine and offshore energy. The goal of our underwriters is to develop innovative and tailored solutions to ensure we can meet our clients' specific requirements. 

The AXIS Re Marine claims specialists collaborate closely with our underwriting team, seeking to gain a deep understanding of our partners' businesses in order to deliver seamless service. In the event of a claim, AXIS claims specialists have access to numerous technical experts and specialized attorneys. We strive to resolve claims efficiently and fairly.


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Experienced and efficient claims management


Close Collaboration

Between Claims, Underwriting & Distribution Partners

At AXIS Re, we take a collaborative approach to marine reinsurance claims management. We periodically perform comprehensive claims reviews that can provide brokers and clients with valuable recommendations. By virtue of our years of experience and specialty knowledge, we are able to offer specific advice on the general and legal framework of local markets around the world.

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