Offering up to £25M in limits

Modifiable for unique exposures and business needs

Streamlined to bring more clarity and contract certainty

Designed for a wider range of sectors and risks

Incident Response

  • Covers broad category of fraud protection & notification services including voluntary
  • Incur loss before consent for first 72 hours

Data Recovery & Bricking

  • Covers costs to recover, repair, replace or recreate data and software and replace bricked hardware
  • Data coverage is not limited to restoration from backups
  • Bricked hardware includes broad list of computing and personal devices and data storage hardware
  • Betterment up to 25%
  • Operational Technology coverage can be added


  • Covers financial loss resulting from cyber crimes including computer fraud, social engineering, diverted receivables, theft of telecom, data transmission and utility services (cryptojacking)
  • Funds transfer fraud can be added
  • Costs to investigate, reverse or correct monetary transfers
  • Authentication requirement on social engineering claims can be deleted

Liability & Regulatory Actions

  • Coverage for civil and regulatory liability because of any failure of security or failure to protect personal or third party confidential information
  • Broad category of protected personal information scales to meet any regulatory requirement
  • Collection, use and handling violations, not limited to a data breach
  • Civil liability for biometric information can be added

Tech E&O

  • Tech E&O can be added
  • Unintentional breach of contract
  • Software copyright infringement

General Terms & Conditions

  • Single highest retention if more than one coverage is triggered
  • Rogue employee and imputation and severability conditions geared to preserving coverage

Business Interruptions

  • Covers loss of income and extra expenses because of interruption to the insured’s or a service provider’s network.
  • Waiting Period is a qualifying trigger with dollar retention for middle market & large businesses
  • BYOD, voluntary shutdown & continuing operating costs
  • Non IT service provider coverage
  • Cloud service outage
  • Public utility outage can be added
  • Forensic accounting costs
  • Interim payment of undisputed loss
  • 180 day Period of Restoration


  • Coverage for ransom demand and related costs to investigate and respond
  • Legal representation to communicate with law enforcement and comply with OFSI and other laws restricting payment of ransom
  • Incur sublimited loss before consent for first 72 hours
  • Information reward reimbursement

Reputational Harm

  • Covers loss of income because of customer attrition and brand harm resulting from adverse publicity from any cyber event
  • Not limited to data breach events
  • 12 month period of restoration


  • Coverage to respond to PCI-DSS violations
  • Triggers for actual or suspected breach
  • Card reissuance and recertification costs
  • Administrative reimbursement costs that are payable by Insured

Media Liability

  • Coverage for media torts arising out of publication and communication in any form including libel, slander, defamation, emotional distress & outrage, infringement of the right of privacy or publicity, infringement of copyright & misappropriation of ideas